5 Tips for a stylish wedding on a budget

Hi! I have  something to tell you- I’m getting married ! YAY 🙂

During our wedding preparations I came to realise how expensive in an unnecessary way this business really is, so I had to wrap all my expensive fantasies and put them in a nice little box and say bye bye for now.

Actually, I felt much more empower been able to decide what really is metter to me and my loved one –  long exotic honeymoon of course 🙂

So now, after all the important decisions making is behind us, I want to share with you some alternative ways to be a gorgeous bride and having a stylish wedding.

#1 -Your wedding dress 

Although it’s hard to believe, you can find fantastic wedding dress in fashion boutiques instead of bridal salons. The price you will pay for gorgeous alternative wedding dress is much lower and will allow you to save money for a whole week vacation!!

Just remember be open minded and search for a “white dress”. You will be surprised to know how many great finds there is out there – it’s a promise 🙂

Here is some great affordable shops to buy your wedding dress from:


Anthropologie | $298.00


BHLDN | $600.00 – $1,100.00


NET -A – PORTER | £642


Free people | 815$

#2 Choose what most important to YOU and prioritise!

For us, music is top priority! this is one of the most important aspects of our big day so we decided to be more flexible with our  budget, knowing we can  make compromises on other aspects and not feel bad about it.


#3 DIY design

Instead of paying tones of moneny to  wedding designer, bring your own decorative touch to your wedding and surprise your guests with creative,sophisticated and even ecological ideas!

#4 Rings 

As an independent  jewelry designer I can recommend  you to visit a local gold smith designer to choose your wedding bands. The prices might be less expensive than a known jewelry store and that way you will also support a talented craftsman and even get your own personal design!


#5 Stay true to yourself

Don’t try to make the whole world happy with your choices – it’s impossible. do it your way and choose thing that makes you and your partner happy >>  free yourself and the rest will follow 🙂




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