5 golden tips for maintaining your gold plated jewelry


You probably already know the rules but In case you are a bit confused from all the “do and don’t “advises here are super important tips that will help you enjoy your jewelry as long as possible!

Rule #1

Try to avoid wearing gold plating jewelry during water activities such as showers/ swimming in the sea and swimming pools – The salts and chlorine in the water will harm the gold plating for sure.

Rule #2

Enjoy your perfume but keep your jewels by using the perfume 5 minutes before wearing your necklace. That way the alcohol could fade a bit and won’t damage the gold plating.

Rule #3

Place the jewelry in a seal dry box. By doing so it will keep them protected from scratches and moisture.

By the way, bathroom is not an ideal place to store your jewels as the humidity damage the plating as well.

Rule #4

Remove at night. do not sleep with plated jewelry, night sweat and the extra rubbing against the skin will cause the plating to wear off faster

Rule # 5

Do not use any chemicals to clean any plated item. Chemicals will fade the plating. instead, use a damp cotton cloth or a hand towel, This will help you eliminate any dirt or dust.

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